Zodiac Files: Virgo is the kind of friend who….


Zodiac Files: Virgo is the kind of friend who….

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writing “sorry” at the bottom of your math test

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I think there comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life.
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I used to hate being overlooked and ignored. I hated when people said “Oh, sorry, I forgot all about you.” It used to be the worst feeling on Earth. It was like a dagger right to the head, the heart, the ego. I used to lose sleep over it, think about it late at night in bed at God knows what time. Now, I embrace it. Overlook me! Forget about me! That’s fine! Because right now I’m the world’s best kept secret. And when you do notice me, it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of me, and your only thought will be “Damn, I should’ve paid more attention.”
Don’t hate being overlooked. Make them regret looking past you. (via jayvsatlas)

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Remember… these are GENERAL and every individual reacts in their own way to things.

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you know what upsets me

bunnies have tons of sex

like supposedly always humping right

but does that affect how we look at bunnies?


do we still think bunnies are cute af?


do we want bunnies any less because of their sex habits?


treat people like bunnies ok

this has been a psa

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SUBMISSION from Leigh Luna:


Canning Season. A comic about when you feel things too much and think you’re gonna explode.

….. i…. yeah.

this ^^^

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Please don’t smoke. I know it’s tempting but for the sake of your health, try and resist the temptation. Check this out if you don’t believe me.

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